"My children really enjoyed it. Thanks for creating such a fun, hands-on way to teach geography and expose the kids to the world's most popular sport!

- 5th grade teacher, Maryland



"The lesson plans are excellent resources for my class."

- 6th grade teacher, Missouri



"I love using Sporting Geography. Since we live close to the team, my students follow them."

- Middle School teacher, Connecticut



"I enjoyed using these materials with my 5th grade students. It was a great review of map skills and reading skills for them!  The students enjoyed following the team while learning a bit more about the United States. Thanks for putting together such a high-quality program for us!"

- Elementary school teacher, Arizona



"I just wanted to send a note and say 'another great year!'  My students enjoyed following the games and the pages were challenging.  Thank you."

- 4th grade teacher, Arizona



"Great lessons. Holds students interest."

- 4th grade teacher, Nevada



"Thank you so much! This was a great supplement to our geography program."

- 5th grade teacher, Nevada



"An absolutely excellent unit of study. The geography, math and history are great."

- 4th grade teacher, Minnesota



"Super program.  The students enjoy it and I can associate the worksheets with the Ohio Achievement Test. Thanks!"

- 5th grade teacher, Ohio



"Love the program!"
- homeschooler, Virginia



"I love the program and use it every week. My students are interested in learning about the other teams. Thank you!"

- 5th grade teacher, Oregon



"The Sporting Geography workbook was very good for my 8th grade students. I would rate it as excellent. I have seen improvement in geographic skills."

- Jr High School teacher, Missouri


"The theme made the content more interesting and enjoyable. I liked the geography and math skills that were prevalent throughout the unit. Well done."

- 4th grade teacher, Oregon



"I love your program!  It really helps build good map reading skills in fourth grade.  Because it involves the team and sport, there is a high level of interest." 

- Elementary school teacher, Arizona



"Thank you again for the Sporting Geography program. I teach 7th grade world geography so the program fits perfectly into my curriculum. Students complete the activities and we discuss them.  I believe these activities help students understand geography more thoroughly in an interesting way. Keep up the good work."

- Middle School teacher, West Virginia



"Thanks for the wonderful program. My social studies class enjoyed it."

- 5th grade teacher, Tennessee



"The packet was fun.  We were able to address several 4th grade Social Studies TEKS with the map skills pages."
- Elementary school teacher, Texas


"I think that the program is great! Anything that gets the students looking at maps and learning something new is great."

- 4/5th grade teacher, Oklahoma



"Thanks for the wonderful program. My social studies class enjoyed it."

- 5th grade teacher, Tennessee



"A great tool to help the students work on map skills and incorporate into our geography lessons. Thank you."

- 4th grade teacher, Massachusetts