Why we do what we do.

Geographic literacy is more than knowing state capitals. It’s understanding how people and places interact, where things come from, and where we're going. Without geography, students cannot be prepared for a global marketplace.

And for students to be prepared for work in a global economy, they need our help now. The most recent National Geographic/Roper Poll, performed in 2006, reported that half of the 18 to 24-year-old Americans surveyed could not locate New York on a map of the United States. Nearly 6 in 10 could not locate Ohio. One-third of the young adults in the survey gave the wrong answer when asked to name the continent where the Amazon rainforest is located. And, 63 percent of young Americans could not identify Iraq on a map of the Middle East.


So what are we doing about it? Several educational organizations are working on supporting teachers to improve geographic literacy. National Geographic is actively promoting geographic education, along with the National Council for Geographic Education. Here at SPORTING GEOGRAPHY® we are developing programs that bring geography to life through sports. Our philosophy is simple. Most kids love sports. Most kids play sports. Why not tap into that connection by offering an educational resource that features sports? We do that by partnering with teams and developing reproducible classroom resources that feature the history, geography, and culture of sports. Teachers use these free resources in the classroom to make geography fun, exciting and relevant. By studying teams and sports, students are able learn about all aspects of geography including location, place, human environment interaction, movement and regions.


So let’s charge ahead and tackle the problem head-on. Bring SPORTING GEOGRAPHY into the classroom. And by the way, the Amazon rainforest is located in Brazil, the largest country in South America, with one of the world’s fastest growing major economies. Brazil hosted the Summer Olympics in 2016. To learn more, click on the PDF document on the Sample Lesson Plan page of this web site.